Behind the Scenes with Huggrz Boot Wraps in Michigan

Posted on: September 30th, 2011 by Hugrz

Ever wonder what our Huggrz Boot Wraps look like before they hit the stores?  Come take a tour with us at Wayne’s Sewing in Fort Gratiot, Michigan.  First, we have rolls and rolls of fabrics just waiting to be measured, cut and stitched to Huggrz’ precise specifications.

Rolls of Huggrz Boot Wraps Fabric

Next, we see material for our Pink Panther Boot Wraps rolled out on the table to be measured and cut.

Pink Panther Huggrz Boot Wraps Fabric Rolls

And here’s a pair of our Cream Sherpa Huggrz Boot Wraps being stitched together!

Stitching Cream Sherpa Huggrz Boot Wraps

Finally, … meet Viv!  She and her husband were our original Huggrz pom-pom makers. In fact, they were able to make so many pom-poms that they managed to pull their home out of foreclosure.

Viv the Huggrz Pom Pom makers

Huggrz is thrilled to have created 29 jobs (mostly manufacturing)!  Our Huggrz Boot Wraps are currently made in Michigan and Massachusetts.


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